Forum Rules

Overall Community GUIDELINES

• The EV Route Forum is a professional marketing community.
Our purpose is to share, help and support each other in WIN/WIN ways.
Please display a positive, friendly attitude and be respectful of other's opinions.

• Attacking other members, bashing companies, slander and libel are not allowed and can result in a warning or ban. Comments that are disrespectful to others or otherwise violate what we believe are appropriate standards for professional and civil discussion may be deleted.

• Always try to "give" back to our community. For each time you find help or answers, try to help someone else out in return. You may find that what goes around comes around...

• Give people a little time to respond to your requests. This is a peer support community. People are busy and it may take a little time for people to notice and respond to your request. Please be patient.

• PLEASE TRY TO POST IN THE CORRECT SECTION OF THE FORUM - The valuable info we have here is coming in at break neck speed. Please take minute before asking a question or posting a new thread to look at all the forum categories on the forum home page. You may find your answer there or discover someone already posted about that issue.

• SELF PROMOTION - Please do not link to your own site in posts or say check out my site or contact me - in any way! No link drops to your own site allowed except in signatures or the help section. Do not promote your Local tools or Local SEO services (except in your sig). 

• HIGH END BLOG POST PROMOTION - We have LOTS of industry experts who write helpful blog posts. We DO want to share your content with our members! However realize we have some self-promoters that just want to link drop to their own sites all day and only do it for the backlinks and don't really contribute much else here. Those people have ruined it for the rest. 

HOWEVER you know we love sharing any helpful info with the community! So if you have a really good post you think the community would benefit from instead of getting in trouble for linking to your site PLEASE PM to admin. If we think it's noteworthy we are happy to share it and give you a link. (We must keep rules consistent)

• MEMBER RECOGNITION AND EXPOSURE - We give you a generous sig where you can add up to 3 links to your site, blog, social profiles and/or tools. PLUS you can set up your profile so it ALWAYS shows a link to your most recent blog post. 

• LINKING OUT EXCEPTION - In the "General Chat" business owners or consultants that need support or troubleshooting should post relevant site links or link to Place page/G+ Local Page, so we can investigate.

• 3 STRIKES RULE - we believe in 3 strikes, you're out. 1st violation, gentle warning and reminder of the rules. 2nd violation, ban warning. 3rd - you are out. Exceptions to the rule are blatant spam or overt guideline violations which can result in an instant ban.

• Members are responsible for what they post and EV Route cannot be held liable for the content of posted messages.